What would happen if la grand odalisque painted Ingres’s wife?

Project carried out for the series of presentations at the display Aparador entitled “d’enamorar-se així, d’equivocar-se així, d’exposar-se així” (Falling in love this way, making mistakes this way, exhibiting this way), organised by Experimentem amb l’ART, at the Museu Abelló in Mollet.

Mural of variable dimensions.


Mollet del Vallés,

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This project consisted of organizing a plastic arts workshop for Muslim women in Mollet (a town near Barcelona). The course offered some basic notions of drawing, painting and new mixed techniques and, following that, we proposed an exercise: to invite the participants to portray western women.

We thus critically inverted two tendencies in the history of painting: no longer is it the West that represents and portrays the East, but the other way around; and no longer will it be men who paint women, but women who paint women.

More information available here.

Presentations on Ingres’ “La Grand Odalisque” by Raquel Freira.
Reconstrucción del mural realizado en el Aparador
Reconstruction of the mural displayed in the main exhibition area.

Documentation of the presentation held in the Abelló Museum exhibition area. Photos by Sergi Hernández.

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