The job jungle

Series of 3 episodes.



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Inspired by the wildlife television series produced by Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente titled “El Hombre y la Tierra” (Man and Earth), we present “La selva laboral”: a programme devoted to a “species” of persons which is becoming more and more uncommon in our society, a “rare species” that is indeed becoming an “endangered species”. We refer to people who, although unemployed, have turned down a job because they claimed it offended their dignity and was below the minimum expected labour conditions. In the present crisis, who can afford to turn down a job?

The stories told are real and show people who have participated in this episode thanks to the mediation of the Projecte APAC (Association of Active Unemployed People), with whom the artist created the project. However, the names of the people and places have been changed to avoid any possible identification.

“La selva laboral” is a series of 3 episodes entitled “En vías de extinción” (Endangered Species). We present the first episode and at the end of this, a preview of the following stories we will deal with.


The job jungle has been on display at the following locations: “Trans-missions”, Tinglado 2, Tarragona (2015). Biennal d’Art de Valls/ Premi Guasch-Coranty, Valls, Tarragona (2015). “Cohabitar entre- En transició- treball”, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona (2016). “The departament of work relations”, Projektraum LS43, Berlín (2017). “Trabajo”, ABM confecciones, Madrid (2018).
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