Video, 15min.


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Is a homage to the specific way of perceiving and living time in Turkey. This temporality is visualised in a video that narrates a journey of the ferries that go from the European side to the Asian side of Istanbul.
In 2006, transportation minister, Istanbul mayor and Ido manager wanted to change the boats for some much quicker, the sea buses. Citizen’s opposition prevent them from doing it. They organised a campaign. The title was “vapurlarimizi vermiyoruz!”(We don’t give our boats). The main reason was that they didn’t want quicker boats.
“Maltepe” is the name of one of the oldest and slowest boats that continue working, when the video was shoot.

Maltepe has been on display at the following locations: ISTANBUL’U DINLIYORUM / Escoltant Istanbul / Escuchando Istanbul- Projecció- Can Xalant, Mataró (2007). Certamen de artes plásticas de Pollença, Museo de Pollença, Mallorca (2009). Biennal d’Art de Valls/ Premi Guasch-Coranty, Valls, Tarragona (2009). Next code: crossing/ What’s the time?, Steirischer herbst, Graz, Austria (2009).
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