Lo prometido es deuda

Collective action.

Project done in collaboration with Xavier Bassas.



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“Lo prometido es deuda” * (A promise is a promise) is a project that establishes a relationship between “religious guilt” and what we call “economic guilt”, and exposes both as mechanisms of control of the individuals’ subjectivity. The project is materialized in different supports, all of them produced around a fake pilgrimage that the artists organized from the Stock Exchange of Barcelona to the Monastery of Montserrat.

This fake pilgrimage (60 km, 2 day-trip) took place in June 2013 and was held to protest against the “guilt” from the current economic situation that the government and media have instilled in the citizens: they say we have lived above our means, we are not sufficiently productive, we have too many holidays and we retire too early, etc.

Designed as a collective action, 16 people signed up to this fake pilgrimage through an open proposal thrown in the project website and also through social networks.

*”Lo prometido es deuda” is a Spanish idiomatic expression that means “promises are debts”. We have translated for “A promise is a promise”.

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