I am still alive

21 postcards and 16 pieces in different techniques.

Gülay Ayyıldız, Anna Badia, Bea Bahima, Agustina
Bassani, Cristina Carrasco, Roser Colomer, Aurora
Fernández Polanco, Ghislaine de Germon, Ester
G. Mecías, Deniz Gül, Latifa Maimouni, Carol
Mohino, María Morán, Saloua Nait Hamou,
Çigdem Özturk, Cèlia Prats, Alba Puig, Ana Ripoll, Bárbara Soroa, Dee Dee Spokes, Cristina de Zárate.


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Twenty-one women send me a postcard stating: “I am still alive”. I reinterpret the mythical performance of On Kawara, Japanese conceptual artist who sent telegrams for thirty years with the same phrase.

The project I am still alive revisits the History of Art by rewriting, collectively, the history of women’s vulnerability. It shifts historically the conceptual of the artist On Kawara towards the experiential, the individual of his work towards the collective, rewriting my life from the women I have loved. I thus situate the affections as the center of anyone’s artistic practice and, at the same time, summoning the singular and shared vulnerability of each and every woman.

“I am still alive” will thus say, at the same time, the postcards (graphically), the women (politically) and Art History (rewritten).

The project is formalized in a multidisciplinary installation composed of 21 postcards, plus various elements of different shapes and formats. These elements accompany each one of the postcards and are concretized as singularizing pieces that start from my history with the women who participate in this rewriting of our history.

This project is part of the Feminizing Art History series, which consists of revisiting mythical works of art history to revive its meaning from another perspective.

Video of the exhibition I AM STILL ALIVE, in Casal Solleric, Palma de Mallorca.


Photos of the exhibition I AM STILL ALIVE, in Casal Solleric, Palma de Mallorca.

Photos of Xisco Bonnín.

Xavier Bassas/Raquel Friera.

Victoria Batchillería, Ferran Conangla, Pelin
Doğan (Col·lectivaT kooperatifi), Lylo Ghirardi
(Srta. Lylo), Eduard Grau, Güliz Sağlam, Olga
Sánchez-Friera, Gamze Terra, Benjamin Thiel,
Laboratorio EGM, Emmarcadors de Gràcia.

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