I am still alive


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Twenty-two women send me a postcard saying simply: “I am still alive.” This is how I reinterpret the mythical performance of On Kawara, a Japanese conceptual artist who sent telegrams for thirty years with the same phrase.

The I AM STILL ALIVE project revive the Art history by collectively rewriting the history of women’s vulnerability. On Kawara’s conceptuality is shifted towards the experiential, the individual in his work towards the collective, rewriting my life based on the women I have loved, placing the affects as the centre of anyone’s artistic practice and, at the same time, summoning the singular and shared vulnerability of each and every one of the women.

“I am still alive” will be said, at the same time, by the postcards (graphically) and the women (politically) and Art History (rewritten)”.

The project is formalized in a multidisciplinary installation made up of 22 postcards, plus various elements of different forms and formats. Each of the postcards will be contextualized, accompanied by unique pieces that grow from my story with that person.

This project is part of the Feminizing Art History series, which consists of revisiting mythical works of art history to revive its meaning from another perspective.

Exhibition soon.

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