Debts without interests

Full HD Video, 18min.

Project done in collaboration with Xavier Bassas.


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Consists of a series of interviews with bankers about their personal debts. Our purpose is to produce a resemantization of the word “debt”, beyond its economic meaning. Currently the word is demonized, as it has an inculpatory sense. We want to explore other more existential experiences of “debt”. “Debt” thus acquires a positive meaning, suggesting alternative kinds of relationships as a basis for social cohesion.

In this framework, what is the meaning of: “I do not owe anything to anyone” or “I owe many things to these people”? Is there a debt beyond economical debt?

Frames of the video
Debts without interests has been on display at the following locations: “Deudas sin intereses” dentro del ciclo “Relaciones ortográficas (en tiempos revueltos)”, Espaidos Sala Moncunill, Terrassa, (2014). “Plural femení”, Museu d’art modern de Tarragona (2016).
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