About wasting time

Video installation.

Video of 8 hours.


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An actor is hired to “waste his time” during eight hours (the same interval of time as a normal Spanish working day). The actor, throughout these 8 hours, represents what is understood by the expression “wasting time” in Barcelona, according to the results of an investigation previously carried out with a 100 citizens.

The final format of the work is a video, 8 hours long that is broadcast in a room full of puffs and cushions, which invite the spectator to sit and watch. The video is edited with a clock that indicates the film’s remaining time, this way the spectator who wants to see it completely, will have to spend that time doing it. Thus leaving in the spectator’s hands, the decision whether or not to intensify with his or her presence this time wasting situation.

Text from Martí Perán

Demo of 4 min from the 8 hours video.
About wasting time has been on display at the following locations: Bienal de Arte de Turku, Museo Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Turku, Finlandia (2007). “En un moment: el temps pot ser”. Selección de la Bienal de Arte de Turku, Can Felipa, Barcelona (2007). Biennal d’Art de Valls/ Premi Guasch-Coranty, Valls, Tarragona (2009). Festival Internacional de Videoarte de Camaguey, Cuba (2009). “Treballs forçats”, Sala d’Art Jove en el Festival de Videoarte LOOP Barcelona (2010). “Tedium vitae”, Galería ADN platform, Barcelona (2015).
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