Intervention in Audiopedia

Video 5 min.

The piece was done in the frame of Debatable Screenings in the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California.


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is a new entry of Audiopedia (using its formal elements: the visual layout and voice) describing the word “Accent”. The text of this new entry reflects on what accents reveal concerning social communication and transmission of knowledge.

The aim of this piece is to highlight the tensions and contradictions that Audiopedia reveals: why is Audiopedia, as a project of encyclopedic knowledge, presented in “Standard British” Register”? What historicity, ethnicity and social class does the choice of this particular voice imply? What connotations does it create between neutral and particular registers, between a non-contextualized and contextualized point of view, between the “Universal Knowledge” of any Encyclopedia and the “Collective Knowledge” of collaborative projects such as Audiopedia/Wikipedia?

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