4’33’’ of Raquel Friera

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4’33” of Raquel Friera is a version of the famous musical piece 4’33” by North American composer John Cage, also called Silent Piece, composed entirely of noiselessness. Cage pays homage to the experience of silence.

In the version I make, I show what happens when a mother plays a piece of music in which she tries to maintain silence for four minutes and thirthy-three seconds.

This project is part of the Feminizing Art History series, which consists of revisiting mythical works of art history to revive its meaning from another perspective.

4’33” of Raquel Friera  is actually being shown in the show “En el  nom de la mare, en el nom de la terra” at ACVic, Vic; and at the Abelló Museum, Mollet, on the occasion of the acquisition of the piece by the Colecció d’Art Contemporani Català.

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