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Artist Raquel Friera combines a critical look at the economy with an awareness of gender. Indeed, her projects wipe out everything she learned in her economics degree course at university. She has focused on the issue of labour, both in the context of gender and the art world (for instance, in a sound installation created with the female cleaners of the Fundació Tàpies in Barcelona) and also in other sectors, and she has shown interest in areas where job insecurity is predominant. From this viewpoint she has reflected on the presence of women in public spaces, creating sound installations in the squares and streets of Istanbul and El Prat de Llobregat. Taking advantage of everything she learned in the university degree course of fine arts and more – which she completed in 2006- she attempts to always combine conceptual reflection, a long process of work with people who take part in her projects and criticism of all hierarchies.

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